I have always loved the sea

It’s been a place of refuge and safety for all of my years

It’s the place I return to when all things go

Much like the sky, and how I feel about stars

I’m always returned to wherever they are

You were like the waves that crashed on the shore




I never thought I could drown in your sea

In the blue of your eyes

In the vastness of that ocean

I remember now that I was born of shards of twilight

of whispers

of promises

of boundless beauty

of light

I am what lights the way when all other lights go out

I am the magician

I am the revealer of truths

I am what pulls you to meet the shore

Without me there would be no sea

Nothing to ground yourself upon

Nothing else to reap

If you cannot guide my way home, I must light a path for myself

Just know, as my light turns blue, you were the only thing I needed before I realised I needed my light more.

“Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone.

Without a dream in my heart.

Without a love of my own.”